Undergraduate Admissions

We have reviewed thousands of applications over the years, but one thing is always the same: producing world-class essays and applications without elite guidance is difficult.

At IvySummit, our former admissions officers’ expertise and insights will direct your application’s focus, and our Ivy League editors will elevate your application to the next level.



Before you start your application, we help you evaluate your strengths, challenges, and current standing.



While the “perfect applicant” does not exist, the strongest applicants can still give the perception of having no weaknesses. We work with you to highlight your strengths and minimize your shortcomings.



Our elite team of former admissions officers and editors will be by your side every step of the way.

Service Options

Preparing for your success? We provide solutions.

  • Hourly

    Hourly allows for students who are familiar with the application process and already have school lists to receive additional expert guidance.

  • Packages

    Allows for in-depth work on application and essays to ultimately produce a more competitive application. This option is preferred by the majority of our students.


This package provides the most significant guidance any consulting firm can offer. It is best for students who want as much guidance as we can provide. Exclusive features includes:

  • Access to our top admissions officer and top editor
  • Line-by-line essay editing
  • Revision guidance for every essay and application

This package is best for students who want significant guidance throughout the essay process. Exclusive features includes:

  • Access to our admissions officer and senior editor
  • Line-by-line essay editing

This package is best for students who want the convenience of hiring a recent Ivy League graduate without losing the expert guidance of senior counselors. Exclusive features includes:

  • Check-ins with our senior admissions team
  • Essay guidance with our approved editors