Frequently asked questions

  • Why choose IvySummit?

    We’re glad you asked! We believe that every student deserves a college consultant who is attentive to the details of their goals, background, and academic portfolio. This kind of in-depth, individualized attention is only possible in boutique firms like ours.

  • When is the best time to start college consulting?

    We work with students across a variety of ages at different stages in their educational journeys. From extracurricular strategies and boarding school admissions, we customize each student’s program to fit their needs.

  • Where and how often do we meet?

    Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, we communicated with students and their families remotely using video chat, emails, texts, calls, and messaging apps like WeChat and WhatsApp, so our office is already fully adapted to this moment. Our consultants work with clients from around the world, across various time zones. In normal times, we also meet with our clients in-person when available and requested.

  • Why does it take so many hours to produce a competitive application?

    Most applicants at top schools are nearly identical on paper. Essays are the most crucial piece in distinguishing yourself from the crowd.

  • Do you only work with students applying to Top 10 or 20 institutions?

    We work with students from many different backgrounds and with a range of goals. If you’re not sure where you or your student should be applying, we can help with that, too.

  • Do you offer services that don’t require buying a package?

    Yes. In addition to our packages, we also provide hourly rates, test prep, essay editing, extracurricular consulting, and concierge college tours. See our Additional Services page to find out more.

  • Do you work with students from outside of the United States?

    Yes, we have lots of experience working with students from around the world, including over 30 different countries. In fact, the majority of our students are based outside of the United States.

  • How do we get started?

    Every client begins the process with a consultation to help us understand their individual situation and needs. If you would like to schedule a consultation, please reach out to us by using our contact form, calling 1 (301) 291-5704, or emailing info@ivysummit.com.

  • Why do you only work with a limited number of students each year?

    Our mission is to provide the best service for students applying to colleges and boarding schools. By limiting who we take on, we can give more directed and individualized attention to each student. We believe in quality over quantity. Rather than spreading ourselves thin, we aim to give each student we take on our undivided attention.

  • Why can’t my child’s school counselor at their prestigious high school/boarding school provide the same guidance?

    School counselors can offer directions, answer questions about schools, and provide context about how previous students have done at specific schools. However, they aren’t equipped to spend 30 to 50 hours with each student working on essays like we do.

  • We’ve spent a significant amount of money on private school. Haven’t we done enough to help our child get into a top school?

    Every year, the number of students admitted from top private schools, boarding schools, and elite public schools to highly selective colleges shrinks. Because of fewer slots available to traditionally high-placing students at elite schools, the value of an admissions consultant has never been higher.

  • What are common mistakes you see families make in the admissions process?

    Waiting until the last minute to start the admissions process, assuming that grades and test scores are enough for top schools, underestimating how competitive Top 35 schools are to get into, and not spending enough time on essays. If most applicants have similar scores, grades, and extracurriculars how do you separate yourself other than through essays, activities lists, and letters of recommendations?



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